Sunday, October 15, 2006

Today I went to the SundayBazaar. It is such an intersting place full of colour and life. Its like an All in one supermarket. We meet a young boy he is probably nine or ten years old. He had the cutest eyes ever and a smile made in heaven. We managed to get him iftar..... the coolest thing as Kurt put it is that by the time we were leaving he had a smile on his face. I wish we can do more for him. Its such a shame what our children in developing world have to go through. Why do they have to lose their right to childhood?We the youth have to make the differnce and maybe in ten years we can be able to give the next generation more options!!!! Please say a prayer for Smat(Thats his name) today!!!


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Hey guys,

Have your interns check out to interact with other AIESECers and interns

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