Friday, December 01, 2006

Kouadio Yao's experience!

Hey all!

A message from AIESEC in Pakistan's 5th Trainee, and AIESEC in Karachi's 2nd Trainee, Kouadio Yao! He is a former MC VP PD in AIESEC Cote d'Ivoire, and is here in Pakistan working for Berlitz Language Center!


To come in Pakistan it means you need to have a visa, to get it in West Africa you have to go to Senegal for some countries and Nigeria for some others.

I decided to go to Senegal for this application. Once I arrived there I went to the embassy of Islamic republic of Pakistan in Senegal and I applied for one year and half as a result the ambassador refused my file without explanation. After telephone contact he told me that I need some additional documents. One must prove how can I live in Pakistan and another proof that my country government know that I’m leaving the country for Pakistan. To have all these proofs I told the committees to do their best to send me these documents, and for this I told the MC of AIESEC Cote d’Ivoire for my governmental documents and the LC Karachi for my living documents in Pakistan. When I got the documents I applied again and obtained visa for 3 months renewable.


I took off in ABIDJAN on Friday the 17th Nov'06 at 16:25 (GMT) after a long journey, I arrived in Karachi on Saturday 18th Nov'06 at 11:30am. Firstly AIESEC members and trainee came and picked me at the airport, and then we went to the restaurant for eating and finally I joined at the MC house with the MC and trainees, where I would live for the time being.

At the MC house we buy all of our need (breakfast, dinner …) I use the computer of the trainees and the MC internet connection. Everyday the VP ICX-C Taha Durrani comes and visits me. He was also responsible for my initial transportation to my office. Whenever he is busy his brother comes and picks me from office. In the office I have made some friends, whom I talk with.


I would like AIESEC Pakistan to meet the foreign affairs ministry in order to facilitate visa obtaining that will be very good for AIESEC one side and for the country the other side.


As thanks, I thank the LC Karachi because this is a king of LC we are looking for in AIESEC because the members are friendly, before coming, all of them sent me a message that is one thing I noticed. When I came many of them came and visited me some sent me the welcome message. I particular thank the LCVP ICX-C TAHA Durrani who now is my brother!

I recognize the work done by AIESEC in a small time (2004-2006) 2 years for all this progress. I say that not because I’m here but since joining AIESEC in 2001, I traveled in some countries and saw the progress they have done in many years.

Honestly my expectations about the culture of the country when I was in my country, were different, because at the airport when the policemen saw my visa they kept it and started asking many questions. As the change agent I’m here to see what happens really (the AIESEC role) and one day I will explain to everybody really what is the Pakistani culture!

Thank you all for everything! Insha-ALLAH we will change the world!

Kouadio Yao
Berlitz Language Center

THIS is what we are here for. THIS is AIESEC!


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