Saturday, February 09, 2008


There have been rumors that we are dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are far from dead people.....Let us tell you that Pakistan is the place to be!!!! We are alive and we are rocking more than we have ever been!!!!! It takes more than a few bombs and a bit of political unrest to move us on.

So the question you dare join us? Today for example, we have been for cheesecake, bought the latest in dvd entertainment, we've seen the next big thing in global rock n roll... and the best part is: we've got footage!!! enjoy some videos - live from islamabad, to be uploaded soon, as soon as we have overcome the technical issues (slow internet = experience pakistan!)...

with love,

alexander the great (MCVP UK 06/07, intern in Karachi for JS group)
C the point rufino (MCVP Switzerland 06/07, intern in Islamabad for Mobilink)


Blogger bayl said...

I just wanted to say what you guys did was amazing :) had a great time watching these videos and I'm sending them out to everyone I know!

Hope to see you soon C!

2:51 PM  

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