Sunday, February 10, 2008

Experience Pakistan II

VERY random 'interview' with my driver Shazad, who gets me around in my daily life and on crazy weekends like this one: discovering Murree, close to Islamabad. The traffic chaos in the background was unplanned but very much in line with 'Experience Pakistan' :) It took all of us off guard - hence the wiggling around and improvisation, but we thought we'd just leave it like that!


Blogger Emad said...

HAHAH! This one has me rolling on the floor laughing! The honking of the bus horn comes at such a timely place!

and your guy would make an awesome TV host - he's animated, confident, AND he can take cues from the director really well! :D

Let me know and I'll make a few calls for him!

3:38 AM  

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