Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Trip to the North of Pakistan

By Jana Bielikova

This story took place half a year ago, but I believe will be still interesting for the guests of this blog.


Shortly before Christmas, we have decided to go on a trip to the north of Pakistan. Our destination was Islamabad, Murree and Lahore.

Our trip has begun in a very interesting way. We were supposed to leave at 9am from the railway station in Karachi, but since no one expects the trains to be on time, out train was also 2,5 hrs late.

Before the departure, I was warned that it will be pretty bad, so I imagined my experience with travelling in the train in Russia. In the end, it was not so bad. It was a vagon full of foldable bunks, snorring people everywhere, open windows letting in a cold breeze, shouting salesmen and small kids, people throwing trash everywhere on the floor and everything in a nice 22,5hr package. :)

... A nice morning wake-up in a green coach train has its charm. All your body hurts, you smell like a hobo and the only prospect of a refreshment is the train toilet, where all of your fellow-travelers have been before. With a strong will and pants pulled up, I put the toothpaste and toothbrush in my pocket and went with a bottle of water to do my morning hygiene. But as soon as with the first tremor my toothpaste fell right into the toilet hole, I knew that the hygiene was over for that moment. :)

Read more about 8 days of Jana's entire trip at:


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