Thursday, May 28, 2009

Life in Lahore goes on :)

All international news channels are full of articles about recent attack happened in Lahore.

There is no need to be silent about what happened. We would like the guests of this blog to know the point of view of international visitors of Lahore who've lived and worked in this city for 2 months.

AIESEC interns, Laura and Matthias, working for SNGPL, have witnessed the blast from their office and shared their perspectives with BBC News.

The blast completely shook our office building. There is another building in front of us and the force was so great we thought that building had been blown up.

We went outside and saw a massive white ring of smoke in the sky. Within minutes there were police, all the streets were blocked and emergency vehicles were coming in.

People close by just ran away, others were heading towards the scene. No-one knew exactly where it happened because there was so much dust and smoke in the air that it covered the whole region.

Office building where Laura and Matthias are working is located 700m away from yesterday attack's site. Right after the explosion they were kept inside the building, later on were evacuated.

They reached home safely in the afternoon. AIESEC interns' house in Lahore is located in a calm and posh area on the other side of the city, and constantly guarded by security.

I met Matthias in the evening the same day near Lahore University where AIESEC office is located. He is feeling absolutely fine. "I even wanted to stay and complete my work, but colleagues insisted that we go home".

- Are you going to the office tomorrow?
- Of course, as usual, it will be a normal working day.

- Oh by the way, would you like to go to Shalimar Gardens with us tomorrow evening?
- Sure why not. If I am not playing squash, then I will definitely go.

On the way back home we bought mangoes and yogurt to make an evening dessert.

Life in Lahore goes on :-)


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