Friday, October 27, 2006

This last week has just been a whole rollercoaster of experience. For starters we all had a few days off so no office for me.
Anyway on Monday the MC had to go to office as they have so much work to do...when it was almost Iftar Omar came over and we went to get Iftar for the crowd little did I know that I was just about to get a shocker...well to cut the story short he took me to a barber shop....yap!! It was crazy I was the only woman so I was sitted there reading a two year old Vogue magazine scared to look up (you get the picture)after a while I was able to throw a few glance and I can tell you there is a whole difference between barber shops here and back home...

After that very scary ordeal (am only joking I find it trully humurous now) I experienced my first hit and run in Pakistan I have issues with the driving here(thats a story for another day) a moterbike rammed into a car and destroyed the bumper the guy then zoomed off.....I was duly informed that is the norm here.

I finally went to Boat Basin...we had gone for the last iftar together as a household(Thomas was leaving for the North) its quiet an amazing place, shop after shop after shop after shop....we went to Karachi broast and the shocker here: the next shop is a hair place!?!?

Chaand raat was quiet interesting we went to Forum and it was so packed! Everywhere they were women having a good time and very bored looking men...the atmosphere was carnival like (tell you the truth it was the first time for me to see so many young children)

Saba took Joana and I to get mehndi done and it was amazing those ladies are really talente: how fast they create such pretty designs...after a while I got introduced to Indus which i can say have yummy yummy biryani.

Eid was another whole some experience. Saaim had invited us to spend the day with his family.(He is such a great guy) we went to his house an dhis parents are amazing they had prepared an array of finger licking snacks....I had forgotten we woke up to our own savinya(vermicilli) made by MCP it was finger liking...back to Saaims house we ate a whole array of delicacies and I discovered something I like 'Safe'(hope thats the spelling) we meet his extended family and they are such lovely people.We got tokens from Saaim's mum!!!!!!! We then went to their family friends house where we meet another group of very nice people with such a great sense of humuor. In summary Eid:"...good food,good company,good feeling.good memories..."

Thanks all of you who were able to make this week memorable you enabled me to celebrate Eid Pakistan style am indebted to you all for giving me such intense memories...


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Today I went to the SundayBazaar. It is such an intersting place full of colour and life. Its like an All in one supermarket. We meet a young boy he is probably nine or ten years old. He had the cutest eyes ever and a smile made in heaven. We managed to get him iftar..... the coolest thing as Kurt put it is that by the time we were leaving he had a smile on his face. I wish we can do more for him. Its such a shame what our children in developing world have to go through. Why do they have to lose their right to childhood?We the youth have to make the differnce and maybe in ten years we can be able to give the next generation more options!!!! Please say a prayer for Smat(Thats his name) today!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

This blog is to track the lives of our interns' experiences as they live and work in Pakistan! :) Our current interns:

Wangari Wanjau from Uganda - working in Ashoka, Karachi
Thomas Van Lith from Germany - working in BMA Capital Management, Karachi